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Chairman’s Message

Dear Enlighten Parents,
With the paradigms of education ever changing lets take the arc of history in our hands and build a better and safer tomorrow in imaginative and innovative ways.
I delightfully welcome you and your child to the IPS family. IPS is a dream transformed into an idea and finally executed into reality. It is now my vision to provide the world with motivated, responsible and disciplined youth, to shape a better future. I truly believe this can be achieved by strengthening their foundation upon which they can create a successful future for themselves and the society around them.
As one of our country's India's great saint once quoted “Take up an idea, think of it, dream of it, let your veins, brain and muscles be full with that idea and just focus on it success will be yours. In the same manner the children of IPS are trained and groomed to focus on their overall development where material intellectual and spiritual advancement goes hand in hand.
On the deeper level, we try to instill the values of respect and trust in parent, student, teacher relationship which is the main foundation of our institution. I wish you the best in the process of seeking to become a part of IPS family.

Mr. Ashok Nanda